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Our full value chain as Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) makes us unique and our integrated supply chain reduces Client's Total Cost of Ownership of our  doors. 

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Rolling Service Doors

Recommended Uses:

Hurricane Protected Store Fronts, Warehouses, Loading Dock Doors, etc.  

Perforated Rolling Service Doors

Recommended Uses:

Hurricane Protected Store Front Door, Warehouse, Offices, Loading Dock Door, etc.  

Rolling Grille

Recommended Uses:

Shopping Center, Building Access, Retail, etc.

Counter Rolling Doors

Recommended Uses:

  Shade, Retail, Storage, Counter Educational Facility, Kiosk, Health Care Facility, etc.  

Rolling Shutters

Recommended Uses:

Home, Office, Health Care Facility, Shopping Center, Retail, etc.

Residential Garage Doors

Recommended Uses:

Hurricane Protected Garage Doors, etc.  

Commercial Sectional Doors

Recommended Uses

Restaurant, Warehouse, Service Station, Municipal Building, Car dealerships, Trendy Commercial, Fire Stations, etc.  

Insulated Doors

Recommended Uses:

Restaurant Warehouse, Service Station Municipal Building, Car Dealerships Trendy and Commercial, Fire Stations, etc.  

Insulated Fire Doors

Recommended Uses:

Protect property by limiting damage in case of fire. Make a building safer to occupy. Close and opening a fire wall, etc.    

OEM PARTS manufactured In-House

We are an OEM Provider founded 70 years ago under the name of "A&B Metalmecanica".

We have an extensive experience in our business domain of rolling doors, garage doors and rolling shutters and we have the capacity in providing an integrated supply chain from raw material to finished goods, parts and installation services to the highest quality standard and brands in the market.  

We Stock and Provide....

......Grill Parts, Guides & Accesses, Motors & Accessories, Rollings & Shutters, Torsions & Hunter Balances & Elliptical Counter Balances. 

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Approval 19313

Approval 19313

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Approval 19315

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Approval 19317

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